reviewsspeech_markBarbara’s company says – ‘we make you shine online’!  She and her team DO make you shine online. They make it fun and effortless and you see immediate results.

And, because of Barbara’s extensive experience in business, she brings a myriad of skills to YOUR BUSINESS. She drills down to exactly what you want to say and what you want to achieve via your online presence.

Plus she’s smart and fast! She gives great value for money! And, her new online video component not only showcases your business but adds a new level of professionalism.”

~ Lee Manfred, MD, Hot Lips PR and Marketing

speech_mark“Barbara DeGraff has an innate gift for listening, planning and producing interesting and attractive email newsletters in language people respond to and enjoy! Our newsletters drive customers into the shop – and that’s the name of the game in business.

Barbara understands websites and keeps ours fresh, relevant and easy to navigate. Clients say our website looks and sounds like our business – stylish and user friendly!

Her corporate experience and strategic approach is a great advantage to me. She reminds me of the bigger picture – where the busy and quiet times are. Then we plan the workshops, newsletters, blogs and social media to create interest and great sales.

By meeting regularly and planning ahead, Barbara keeps things on track. I enjoy working with Barbara and feel confident that our online communication and social media are integrated and happening on time, letting me get on with helping my clients to look their best!”

~ Vivienne Cable, Owner of Chatswood’s Unique Boutique – Image by Design


speech_markI have been working with Barbara DeGraff since 2005 and cannot endorse her highly enough. Barbara has created and manages our website, our biggest driver of new business.

Barbara brings a wealth of marketing experience,  particularly expertise in the online sector tailored appropriately for our client group.

Barbara has an incredibly highly work ethic and a high attention to detail. She is very organised, follows up and is incredibly trustworthy.

I’ve often promoted Barbara to other clients and colleagues and friends, which I do when I find special high performing people who can help others around me.

~ Dr John Cummins, Medical Director, Executive Medicine


“Barbara is very focused, gets things done quickly and most importantly understands Ethica and what we are trying to do. Since Barbara started producing our newsletters our events have sold out and our online sales are increasing.”

~ Gina Bradley, Ethica Accessories


speech_markWhat a fantastic idea putting together a project summary at the end of the assignment.You have done a fantastic job with our campaign and would recommend you to any of my friends and family (and strangers).

I think you embraced the passion we have for our business and worked your way through our ideas and concepts to produce some very professionally presented content. I hope you are as proud of the work as we are.

~Brad O’Loughlin, Director, Green Square Recruitment


speech_mark“e-dentity helped us create a new website for a new product – Oz Tuff Green Couch. They took the time to really understand our product, our company and our needs. Then they developed a tailored web strategy and content management system for us.

The website is easy to use. We have had nothing but positive feedback. It is user friendly. The content is easy to find, easy to understand and contains the information our audience is seeking. Your assistance in developing the content and the content strategy was invaluable.

We use the website as a selling tool. After speaking with prospects about the business and how we can help, we send prospects to the website and the website then sends them back to us as a sale.

Thank you for your ongoing support. You are a pleasure to work with.”

~ Bill and Bernie Morrow, Oz Tuff Turf


speech_mark“Our website has become a principal source of leads. It’s an invaluable tool for clients to understand what RENT-A-GARDEN is all about.

The before and after shots are a great way to demonstrate the difference we can make. Prospective clients like to search the site, view the before and after images and check out pictures of the plants we rent.

The content management system makes it easy for us to continue to add photos and update content. Thank you for your ongoing support in this area.

We’re making sales without visiting the property by using the website to show them the plants and furniture we are suggesting for their situation. This is a great time saving for us and our clients. Thank you for your help in making this happen.”

~ Ross Bond, Managing Director, RENT-A-GARDEN


speech_mark“e-dentity is a highly professional solution to researching and providing relevant marketing content for new and existing websites.

Websites are an essential tool for all businesses today, but too few websites have the content which focuses on clients’ needs and results in the desired outcomes for their business. Barbara DeGraff from edentity solves these issues with her knowledge, experience and intelligence.

Barbara is a thorough professional, who is always available to work on the toughest assignments. Without Barbara’s incredible enthusiasm, support and efficiency, we would not be able to supply our clients the excellent website services we now provide. We keep ahead of many other agencies in this area because of Barbara’s efforts.

Thank you Barbara, you are a gem!”

~ Susan Griffiths, Nouveau Design Australia


speech_mark“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great workshops on Online Marketing that you took for k2b last year.

I’ve recently written a brief to have our website redeveloped and used many of your notes on usability and functionality. The designers told me it was one of the few good briefs they’ve seen in ages!

Your notes have also helped me keep the website purely functional and informational, not cluttered with Flash and useless features. Although I may have a hard time convincing other people in the organisation that this is best, I think we’ll come up with the best results that way.

Thanks again for the great workshops. I hope you’re participating in k2b again this year, the grads will really benefit from it!”

Phoebe Bogus, KWMC Marketing

 speech_markThank you for being so awesome at what you do. You add such great value. I’m a marketeer by background but didn’t come up with any of the extra stuff you suggested. You have the ability to really look at things from a different perspective. I am one very happy and thankful client!

~ Jackie Nugara