Videos to make you shine online

Why? So you grow your business and your bottom line!

IT’S SIMPLE – online videos are one of the most engaging and results-driven ways of getting your message out in today’s media savvy world!

What would you do?

You’d be the star, after all, the best person to sell your business, product or service is you.

Check out the Image by Design YouTube Channel.

How would you use it?

  • Drive traffic straight to you and your business by linking videos to a your web pages, emails and posts
  • Stand out from the crowd by adding video to LinkedIn
  • Attract the right target market because people buy from people

How would you do this?

You’d employ us – we’re the professionals who will make it easy for you to shine online.


At our off-site purpose built studio

How does this work?

  • We plan the video with you
  • We work on the script with you
  • We supervise your practice
  • We use a professional crew to get the best results

Why use  e-dentity?

Let us help you develop, hone and practice your message, providing the bullet points, scripting and onsite support you need to feel comfortable.

Did you know …

  • Video improves search results
  • Mobile users engage with video longer
  • 60 seconds is the sweet spot for promotional videos
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine

Why us? So your message shines online

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