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9 Tips for web writing

blogWhy edit content?

Editing web content is one of the most effective ways to improve website usability and customer experience.

9 Tips to improve your web writing

  1. Ensure your web content clear, concise – and easy to scan
  2. Leave plenty of white space
  3. Use subheadings and bullet points – not long paragraphs
  4. Make sure your headlines are clear not clever – so they convey the most important point
  5. Use subheadings that summarise the main points
  6. Make your hyperlinks a call to action – and incorporate keywords
  7. Reduce your word count – remove redundant, outdated and trivial content
  8. Focus on one topic per page
  9. Make each page stand on its own

Did you know … Web writing differs from writing for print

According to web writing gurus Jakob Nielsen and John Morkes:

  • 79% of users scan the page instead of reading word-for-word
  • Reading from computer screens is 25% slower than from paper
  • Web page content must have at least 50% fewer words that the paper equivalent

The key things to remember are to be succinct and make your content scannable.